So you just got your camera, and you're excited to get started.  You clip your phone into the tripod and take a step back, but... oh no, why is your phone dialing 911?! What went wrong?  

Chances are, you have placed the tripod clip directly over the side buttons on your phone.  (See the diagram below for best practices in where to clamp the tripod.)

Read on to find out what happens when you hold down the side buttons on your particular phone model.  Take heart!  No matter what your phone has done, it's an easy fix.

iPhone 8, 8+, and X

Starting with iPhone 8, Apple introduced a safety feature called "Emergency SOS."  This feature allows you to dial the local emergency number (e.g. 911 in the United States) by pressing and holding buttons on both sides of the phone.  

Unfortunately, this feature can also be inadvertently triggered by the tripod clamp.  Fortunately, you can easily cancel the emergency call by tapping the "x" at the bottom of the screen.  After you have cancelled the emergency call, simply unclip your phone from the tripod and re-clip it with the side keys outside the clamp.  

Want to know more about Emergency SOS?  See here.

iPhone 6, 6+, 7, and 7+

For those with older phones, depressing the side keys can result in two different possibilities: 

  1. If you've only depressed a volume key, it will adjust the volume on your phone.
  2. If you've depressed the power key, your phone's screen will turn off and (if you continue to hold it) your phone will turn off completely (as if you ran out of battery).

Simply remove your phone from the tripod and (if your phone has shut down completely) hold down the power button until you see the Apple symbol appear on screen.  If you have only changed your phone volume, simply readjust the volume to your preference using the side keys.

iPhone SE, 5s, and Older

Because the only buttons on the side of your phone are volume buttons, your phone volume will either be turned all the way up or all the way down (muted).  Simply unclip your phone from the tripod and readjust the volume to your preference.

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