No home is perfect.  Maybe there's a crack in the wall, maybe the lighting is a little dark, or maybe the homeowner just forgot to pick up his socks.  If you want to exclude part of the room from your video (for any reason), read on.

This feature will require you to be in "edit mode."  First time?  Find out how to do that here.

Video tutorial on how to trim your 360 pictures:

Excluding the Ugly Bits

Once you are in "edit mode," you will see an elongated version of the picture at the top of the bottom panel.  This shows all 360 degrees of the picture in a convenient, flat format.  To exclude part of the image, touch and drag either of the pink "trimming handles" circled in white below.

As you drag the handles closer together, parts of the image will fall outside the included area (highlighted by the pink bars above and below).  The video preview will update to show only the portion of the image which is included by the trimming.

If you've now excluded what you wanted gone, great!  But what if the homeowner's dirty socks landed right in the middle of the image?  What do you do now?

How to Exclude the "Middle" of the Picture

Sometimes, dirty socks just don't land in convenient places.  When the "bad bits" of the image are right in the middle, you need to change what part of the picture is in "the middle". (This is simpler than it sounds.)  Touch and hold any part of the picture which is included (not the handles) to drag the selection.

Then, drag the selection to one end of the trimming bar and hold it there.  The picture underneath with start to "rotate."  Remove your finger from the screen when those "dirty socks" are no longer in the pink region.  (Bonus: you can even use this to change where your picture starts without excluding anything at all.)

When you are done, tap the checkmark to accept your changes.  Congratulations, no more dirty socks (or cracked walls or dingy corners)!

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