If you've ever gone for the "bedroom" button and somehow ended up with "bathroom," you're not alone.  Before you curse your phone's tiny screen, read on to learn how to add, change, or just remove the labels from your pictures.

This feature will require you to be in "edit mode."  First time?  Find out how to do that here.

Adding a Label

Once you are in "edit mode," you will see a preset list of some of the most common types of rooms.  Brilliant!  Adding one is super simple: just tap on it (it will highlight in white and pink).  Then tap the checkmark to save your changes.  (Pro Tip: Can't find the right label?  Swipe left and right over the labels to see more.)

Changing a Label

So you already labeled an image: great!  But you got the wrong one (not so great).  Thankfully, changing the label is just as easy as adding it.  In "edit mode," the label you already selected will be highlighted in white and pink.  Simply tap a different label to change the selection, then tap the checkmark to save your changes.

Removing a Label

Maybe you've decided you just don't like the labels.  To remove a label in "edit mode," simply tap the selected (pink and white) label to remove the selection.  The label will turn the same color as the rest of the labels when the selection is removed.  Then tap the checkmark to save your changes.

Creating Custom Labels

Did we miss a room?  Or maybe you want to add an adjective?  You can label your picture with (almost) anything you want.  First, in "edit mode," swipe from the right side of the screen to the left over the list of labels until you reach the end.

The last label in the list will look a little different and will say "Other".  Tap on it.

After you tap on it, it will highlight in white and your keyboard will appear.  Type your custom label.  As you type, your custom text will fill in the button. Tap "Done" on the keyboard when you are finished typing.  (Pro Tip: If you decide you don't want to use your custom label, you can delete everything you have typed before tapping "Done" and the label will be unselected.)

Your custom label will now appear in the list, highlighted in white and pink.  Tap the checkmark to save your changes.  (Pro Tip: Made a typo or need to change your custom label?  Tap on it twice -- once will deselect it, the second time will reselect it and let you change the text.)

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