So, you just got started creating your awesome video tour for your customer when you realize:  your picture is upside down!  Or worse -- you shot the entire house that way.  What do you do now?

If you're still on location, the easiest fix will be...

Preventing the Problem

Unfortunately, your pictures or videos are recorded upside down if you plug your camera into your phone with the lens on the wrong side of the charging port.  (Don't worry; we've all done it.)  To plug it in the right way, hold your phone so that the charging port points towards the ceiling with the screen facing you.  Then plug in the camera so the lens is to the left of the charging port.

If you've only taken one or two pictures or videos before catching it, the easiest way to fix it is just to retake the picture after plugging the camera back in.  Otherwise, you may want to skip ahead for how to fix the pictures you've already got.

Retaking Pictures

If you're in the middle of the project, the easiest way to fix your upside-down pictures is to retake them.  Go back to the rooms that are upside down, and just like adding a new room, tap on the camera with the plus icon, circled in white below.

This will take you to the camera screen, which should be familiar to you.  After you've retaken the pictures, you will want to remove the upside-down copies and maybe change the order of your pictures.  Using these three simple steps, you can resolve the problem fairly simply.

If you have too many pictures or have left the residence, however, this is not an option for you.  Read on.

Rotating the Pictures Using the Photos App

First, you will need to find your pictures in the camera roll.  Once you have found your picture, you will need to tap on it to view it "full screen".

When your picture is "full screen," a set of editing options will appear at the bottom.  You should tap the icon that looks like three circles on three horizontal lines (circled in red below) to bring up the editing options.

Once the editing options are on screen, you should tap the icon that looks like two intersecting right angles surrounded by curved arrows, as indicated by the red arrow below.

This will bring up the rotation options.  You will want to tap the square with the curved arrow on the top right (circled in red below).  This will rotate the picture 90 degrees to the left.

Then, you will want to tap the same button again to rotate the picture another 90 degrees to the left (resulting in a 180 degree total rotation).  Now, your picture should be right-side up!  Tap "Done" to save your changes.

Do this for each picture which is upside-down.  If you have not yet saved your video, see the section above on "Retaking Pictures" for how to replace the pictures in your video with these newly corrected copies.  If you have already saved your video, see here for how to edit (recreate) your saved video.

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