Music is great.  Depending on the music, the same pictures can feel more exciting, more relaxing, or even more child-friendly.  We offer a variety of copyright-free music for your convenience, or you can use your own.  

Video tutorial on how to add  music

Finishing Your Video

If this is not your first video, these steps will be familiar to you.  You may wish to skip ahead to "Choosing from Provided Music."  

Adding music is one of the last things you will do before saving a project.  Please make sure you are done making changes before proceeding. 

On the main property screen, tap "Next".

After that, you will be prompted to enter some information about the property.  This information will be shown at the beginning of the video if you choose to fill it in.  If you do not want to show this information, simply tap "Skip."

Choosing from Provided Music

You have now arrived at the music screen.  Near the bottom of the screen, you'll see a series of boxes with song titles and artist's names.  With your finger on these boxes, swipe from the right side of the screen to the left to see more options.

See an option that looks interesting?  Tap on it.  You may see three pink dots while the app retrieves the music from the internet, then a preview will start to play.  Tapping the box again will stop it.  While the preview is playing, you will see a set of moving white bars on the right side of the box. (You may need to turn up your phone volume.) 

If you don't like the music, simply continue swiping and tapping boxes until you find one you like.  Then, tap the "Use This Music" button that appears on the right side of the box to choose it.

After you choose a song, the app will download the full copy to your phone.  You will see a progress bar like the one shown below while this process is ongoing.  (We do not store music on your phone until you intend to use it.)

Once the song is downloaded, it will be displayed in a large, pink-and-orange box above the other music options.  Happy with your choice?  Tap "Next" to review your video one last time before saving.

Choosing Your Own Music

Please, be aware that music by major artists is protected by copyright.  If you use copyright-protected music, services like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc may remove your video from their sites.

Don't like any of our provided music?  You can use any standard music file you already have on your phone.  Instead of tapping one of the provided options, tap the button with the plus symbol and music note circled in white below.

Then, you will be sent to the iOS standard music picker.  This may differ slightly based on your phone, but you will should see something similar to the options below (Playlist, Artist, Album, etc).  For the sake of example, we will choose "Songs" to list all songs on the phone.

Scroll through your list of songs (if needed) by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.  When you have found the song you want to use, simply tap on it.  (For the sake of example, we have chosen "Trouble" by Coldplay.  As a reminder, you are strongly advised not to use any song protected by copyright, such as this one.)

The song you have chosen will appear in the same place any song you would have chosen from the provided free options would have, and behaves in the same way.  Tap next to review your video one last time before saving.

Removing Music

Change your mind about using any music after choosing one?  Simply tap the "x" in the top left corner of your chosen music (circled in green--for visibility--below) and it will be removed from your video.

Pro Tip: Random Music (for Busy People)

Don't have time to listen to a bunch of music then choose?  Simply tap the crossed arrows (circled in green--for visibility--below) to choose a song at random from our provided free options!  Please, note that the random choice will automatically be downloaded and added to your video.

Pro Tip: Adjusting the Volume

Music a little too loud or too quiet compared to other audio from your phone?  Adjust the volume by tapping the speaker icon to the right of the artist and song name.

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