You can have the best paint in the world, but if you're only seeing a tiny swatch of wall, your video is probably pretty boring.  Read on to find out how to see more of a tiny room.

This feature requires "edit mode."  First time?  Find out how to do that here.

Changing the "Zoom" Level

In "edit mode," place two fingers a moderate width apart on the video preview.  (We recommend your index finger and thumb.)

While still touching the screen, move your fingers further apart to show a smaller part of the image (zoom in).  To show more of your picture at the same time (zoom out), move your fingers closer together.

When you are satisfied with how much of your picture you can see in the preview, tap the pink checkmark to save your changes.

Still not satisfied with what you can see?  Maybe you should try to change the camera angle or move your tripod and retake the picture.

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