Let's say you just wowed your seller and won the listing -- but you didn't have a chance to save your video before leaving the property... and you didn't save your project as a draft.  Don't worry, you don't need to shoot the whole property again.  Read on to find out how to use pictures you've already taken in a new project.

Starting a New Project

First, open the app.  If you do not have any videos in progress, you will be shown a list of your completed and draft videos. Tap the plus (circled in green below) to start a new project.  (If you've never saved a project before, the app will automatically skip this step.)

Next, you will want to tap "Panoramic Video Tour" to make a video from a set of still pictures.

Choosing Existing Pictures

After choosing "Panoramic Video Tour," you will see instructions for connecting the camera.  (If you already have the camera connected, you will see a preview of what the camera sees -- this will not effect your next step.)  In the top-right corner, you will see one of the pictures on your phone.  Tap on it to bring up the photo picker.  (Pro Tip: The photo picker is always available as an alternative to your camera, so you can add existing pictures to your active projects, too!)

In the photo picker, you should see a list of all the pictures you've taken with your 360 camera.  Your most recent pictures will be at the top of the list.  Swipe up from the bottom of the list to find older pictures, or tap on a picture to select it.  A green checkmark will appear when the picture is selected.  (Pro Tip: You can select multiple pictures by tapping each picture in succession.)

Once you have selected all the pictures you want to use, tap the "Add" button at the bottom of the screen.  There will be a number after the "Add" which indicates how many pictures are selected.

From there, your pictures will be added to your new video just like if you had just taken them with your camera.

(First video?  Not sure where to go from here?  Check out our tutorial.)

Pro Tip: Seeing All Pictures

Occasionally, little bugs on your phone will prevent our app from finding the picture you are looking for.  If this happens, you can try toggling the "360" switch at the top-right of the photo picker to see all pictures.  If you still cannot find your picture, make sure your picture is available in your camera roll, then contact us.

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